Artist Charles Nissen

The arthrpods of Nissen's Bug Show

. . . . .

Hundreds of millions of years before man appeared on earth, the arthropods were here. The phylum Arthropoda is the largest in the animal kingdom, with over a million described species, and comprising approximately 84 percent of all known species of animals. Their versatility and variety have enabled them to thrive and survive in every habitat on Earth, including the art exhibits that have come to be known as Charles Nissen's BUG SHOW.

Alaus Oculatus
Buprestis Rufipes
Callipogon Barbatus
Calopteron Reticulatum
Camponotus Ligniperdus
Centruroides Gracilis

Centruroides Hentzi
Centruroides Vittatus
Ceruchus Piceus
Cicindela Hirtilabris
Cicindela Oregona
Cicindela Sexguttata

Coenagrionidae Enallagma
Composia Fidelissima
Cosmosoma Myrodora
Cucujus Clavipes
Eburia Quadrigeminata