Artist Charles Nissen

What do critics, admirers and enthusiasts have to say about the art of Charles Nissen?

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Keith Wigdor, Collector of all things surreal, and creator of Surrealism Now!, says -

"I got my painting yesterday!!! Outstanding! Outstanding! Outstanding!!!! . . . Charles!!!! THANK YOU!!!"

"I would like to publicly endorse . . . the work of surrealist Charles Nissen!"

"Keep painting, Keep going forward and deeper into your subconscious with more detail...... I  recommend Charles to you all."

Shahla Rosa
Modern Surrealist Artist - 

"Charles art work is fascinating and unique in his own way. In his painting, there are variety of sources of cultural & traditional momentum, which put together indirectly in the form of subconscious. I recommend him highly."

Kathleen Sloan
HERALD Reporter -

"If you're an inductive thinker - taking one small idea and generalizing, expanding, connecting and applying it to draw a big conclusion - go  to look at Charles Nissen's 'Bug Show' first. They are neither painted in the hyper-real style of Surrealist Dali nor scientific detail of a commissioned illustrator."

Glen Allan -

"Charles was a breeze to work with as an artist showing at my gallery and really brought both well thought out art to the table, and great quality art as well. I would recommend him as a great person to network with and a fine artist!"

"A visionary - his images are combustible. Charles Nissen captures the inevitable decline of  surrealism by encasing it in the saran wrap it so richly deserves."

- Blood E. Murder

"Charles . . . is continually exploring new avenues of expression by way of the ideas he introduces.  These insights into the artist's mind illustrate it is not always the most comfortable place to be! Yet, there are always things I find intriguing and amusing in each of his paintings, and a group of works I consider absolutely astonishingly brilliant works of art. . .  The realm in which he works is wide open to infinite layers of interpretation, and while he is continually confronting the viewer with undeniably stark images, there is a humor in his work that reveals a very keen and mighty intellect. . . he is just on the threshold of his greatest artistic works"

- Jim Mack